Desktop, Notebooks and Peripherals

At Dcon we know that not only servers are important but that the equipment that users utilize to carry out their everyday tasks is equally important as this equipment determines how productive a user can be with all subsequent benefits to the organization.

In addition, we recognize that end-user equipment can end up being a big cost for organizations as they need to buy multiple PCs, printers, etc. At the same time, end-user equipment is exposed more and can be damaged more easily rather than servers locked up in a server room; thus its service and maintenance can be expensive. Thus, enterprises need to make sure that they purchase reliable equipment backed by the guarantee and support of leading vendors.

In order to provide the best possible solutions in regards of end-user equipment Dcon has established partnerships with manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo and Sony. Through these partnerships, Dcon can supply desktop PCs, workstations, monitors, laptops/notebooks, PDAs, printers, scanners, multifunctions and other devices to cater for each user’s and workgroup’s individual needs for functionality, performance, portability, durability and of course, cost.

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