Kaptivo Whiteboard Camera Solutions


Turbocharge your whiteboard

Kaptivo is a whiteboard camera system that turns any regular whiteboard into a smart, digital collaboration tool.

Share live via your web browser, or with Zoom, Cisco and more. Save and secure your content.

The Kaptivo integration for Lifesize Share is designed to bring the creativity and flexibility of whiteboarding to your video conferencing experience.

Attaching to any standard whiteboard or glass board, the camera system allows you to capture content in real time with exceptional quality to share during a call – or simply to provide a better view to people in the room.

  • Whiteboard content is captured digitally and automatically—and updated in real time
  • Attaches to any standard whiteboard or glass board, and supports writing of any color
  • Advanced, integrated optics and embedded image processor automatically enhances whiteboard images while removing glare, shadows, and physical obstructions
  • A timeline slide deck, showing the progression of content added or erased, is produced during each session for you to publish and share

Share with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Compatible also with ZOOM, TEAMS, BLUEJEANS and many more.

  • No additional apps, downloads, plugins, or complicated logins required
  • No training needed
  • No change to the way you work

Lifesize Kaptivo Camera – Whiteboard Sharing
Lifesize Kaptivo including two years of Device Software Subscription


VAT not Included

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