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Maintaining an internal IT department brings not only cost but also, lots of headaches and is admittedly destructive to the overall productivity of the business. On the other hand, many companies feel more safe by knowing that there is a team of colleagues with specialized IT knowledge, no matter if this team can never be fully fledged anyway and will never have the capacity to cope without the support of an external IT company.

Despite the temptation of dramatically reducing their operational cost, many companies still hesitate to take the decision to move to outsourced IT services. Some worry about security – fearing that sensitive data could end-up where it should not, e.g. competitors. Others are simply not comfortable with the idea of an external service provider taking responsibility for business-critical systems and fear that outsourcing would mean losing control of their own infrastructure.

The key factor in taking a decision to outsource your infrastructure is trust. In the same way that a company trusts its accountants and lawyers, or even its own employees, it has to carefully select and trust its outsourcing partner and feel that partner as an integral part of the organization, as an in-house IT team, that strives to provide the highest levels of “care” to you, your systems and information.

By choosing to outsource your IT infrastructure and if you go one step further to move your equipment to our Data Centre, i.e. use our Cyprus colocation services,you definitely have access to better infrastructure facilities (physical security – CCTV, access control, fire detection and suppression, intrusion prevention, power, cooling, monitoring of environmental conditions, etc.) without having to make a major IT investment to build an infrastructure with the levels of reliability, availability, security and scalability we offer in our Data Center.

Even if you want to keep your systems within your premises, our outsourcing and support services are still for you. You gain access to expert skills which are hard to have in-house, you remain more flexible for ever changing business needs and of course, IT is not something you need to worry about any more. Around the clock monitoring of your systems and applications with specialized tools and software and secure remote access ensure immediate response to any incident, whether this affects a centralized system or an individual user. The result is an IT infrastructure with improved service levels since any incident is immediately dealt with and rectified.

The advantages of the economy of scales we achieve through our Outsourcing and Support Services are passed onto our customers who enjoy the highest possible levels of reliability, availability, security and scalability as well as access to expert skills, all at reduced costs.

Whatever the size of your business, whether you want to outsource all or part of your infrastructure, Dcon will work with you to tailor the solution to meet your particular needs, leaving you free to focus on core business, delivering to your own clients and meeting your own business objectives.

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