Domain Registration

Registering a domain name allows you or your company to have an online presence, which is essential for building image and validity. Having an online presence helps you to reach and expand your audience as more people can reach your website. Make sure to give your domain a creative and easy-to-remember name.

We offer domain registration or assistance for the customer to register any of the known local or international domain names.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is an online service that makes the content of your website accessible on the internet. When you purchase a hosting package, you are renting space a server to store all the data and files of your website.

A reliable website hosting service is required for your brand to offer quality services to the public and our job is to find the exact solution to cover the needs of the customer and the project itself.

Presentation Website Designs

Presentation websites are designed to convey information in the manner of a presentation. It is designed and displayed in a ‘slides’ form that includes charts, photos, videos, and text. They guarantee that data is presented in a clear, concise, and understandable way to the users.

E-commerce Website Designs

An e-commerce website allows the users to purchase or sell physical goods or services through the internet rather than at a physical store. Through an e-commerce website a company can handles orders, receive payments and manage logistics, and at the same time provide customer service.

It allows you to have a better understanding of your audience and have a more targeted focus. Automated purchases and payments minimize the need of staff and sales employers.

Custom Portal Development

Our customised portal solutions take advantage of the market competition to create and develop user friendly designs in addition to providing the necessary ongoing support. Each website reflects the aims and objectives of each company, thus customising and developing each one based on the needs and preferences of the website’s user is crucial.

Emails & Office 365

It is critical for your organisation to have a dependable email system in order to maintain communication features such as customer interaction, supplier contact, communication within the company, invoice sending, and many more. Your email subscriptions will include the most collaborative and up-to-date features in one smooth and unified experience.

Our range of email services start from standard reliable pop/imap solutions and scale up to Office 365, Google emails and all know industry standards.

Cloud Servers & Services

Cloud Servers are virtual servers that make their resources available to users remotely across a network. Cloud-based servers, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure etc. are designed to perform the same duties and support the same operating systems and applications as traditional servers. A cloud server provides the business user with reliability and security, because any software issues are isolated from your environment.

We can adjust any client need to the latest known cloud services for optimum results.

Social Media

Be known on the internet by optimising latest known social media trends for your company. We can start from the “kick start” packages and also continue to the best monthly follow-up plans for your needs.

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