Remote Interpretation

Interpreting equipment for hybrid / online / live events

Interpreting equipment for hybrid / online / live events

Interpretation is more crucial than ever before – And technology is here to provide it in all ways.
Despite the complexity of technology needed DCON can provide all kinds of interpretation services regardless the type of your conference. It can be fully online, live or Hybrid.

We can provide everything you need tailored to your requirements.

We can seamlessly integrate our interpreting technology with our top of the edge 4K video conference equipment to reliably reach participants all over the world.

Benefit from our 20 years expertise in the AV industry including video conferencing and interpreting equipment for face-to-face, virtual or hybrid events.

We can provide interpretation both live from the conference room or from an interpreting hub using interpreters all over the world. Language combination is no longer an issue. Interpreters is no longer an issue.

No travelling cost, No accommodation cost, No limits in the language combination.
How it works : the interpreters provide the simultaneous interpretation from a remote location. Virtual participants join the event via a video conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom); the interpretation is transmitted to them virtually and they have the option to choose any language channel they prefer.

Participants at the venue receive the translation in the same way as they would during a normal face-to-face event, via a receiver with headphones.

Technology is here – DCON has implemented it.

You have a world of options.

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