Basic Etiquette for effective Video conferencing


  • Be on time, and insist that all participants do the same.
  • Indicate that the videoconference is beginning, by waving and saying hello.
  • Make sure each site has a person in charge of operating the camera.
  • Have all participants introduce themselves.


  • Maintain natural and direct eye contact.
  • Take turns speaking,do not interrupt.
  • Use a normal voice but speak slowly use complete sentences.
  • Lean toward the camera slightly and minimize body movements.


  • Neutral and muted colors, (medium blues or pastels) help camera focus.
  • Simple tailored clothing in solid dark blue or gray, paired with a pale blue shirt or simple blouse.
  • Avoid bold, complex or busy patterns like small checks or narrow stripes in clothing, scarves, or neckties.
  • Bulky or baggy clothing can make you look heavier.


  • Use the microphone mute when coughing, or making side comments.
  • Keep microphone free of papers,do not make unnecessary noises.
  • Do not blow on microphones to test them, just speak normally and ask your listeners if they can hear you


  • Graphics may be transmitted from a PC, as in the case of a PowerPoint presentation, or through a separate document camera.
  • Dual Video capability technology permits simultaneous transmission of the speaker and the graphics presentation.
  • Visual aids should add meaning to the message without distracting from what the speaker is saying.
  • Keep it simple, use large fonts, do not put more than 6 lines of text on any slide.
  • Use soft colors, pastels are best and avoid red.
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