Launching Your New Video Conferencing System

You have prepared everything so your organization can get the most out of videoconferencing. All you have to do now is convince staff and colleagues to use it! Despite initial hesitation, most people like to video conference once they've tried it, so your goal should be to make it easy to use. Here's how:

Name a VC launch team

Choose two or three of the most passionate video conferencing advocates to kick off your videoconferencing and to make sure it is running system smoothly after start-up.

They should have project management skills, know your organization well and at least one of the team members should have some technical skills.

Train administrative and technical staff

Plan and carry out training for the staff members who will be in charge of scheduling, conference coordinating and technical assistance.Your Lifesize partner will be glad to assist you in designing training or helping you train technical staff.

Plan a kick-off event

This open house should include an introduction to videoconferencing, a live videoconference with another site, question and answer session, feedback from the participants.

A pilot project

Link video conferencing activity to an important project that every one knows about. Publicize results and benefits achieved.

Use it as a hands-on experience especially for high level managers.

Make sure people use the system, they will if

  • They know about it: inform them.
  • Like it: show them what their advantages are.
  • Know how to use it: train them.
  • It’s easy to schedule a meeting: make sure the scheduling system works.

Success stories

  • Publicize how videoconferencing is being used throughout the organization.
  • Calculate savings in time and money.
  • Collect first-hand accounts